Our Chicago Auto Body Services Give You More Un-bang for your Buck

We’ve got you covered at River North Collision Repair for a whole range of poor, unfortunate mishaps that have happened to the car you need and love so much. As Shakespeare said, “out out dammed spot, and severe dent and deep scratch. River North is the best and the coolest auto repair shop this side of the Thames and Chicago River.” (Paraphrase of Shakespeare)

So here’s what we do better than any other full Chicago auto body service shop in and around town:

Is there a Doctor in the House? Our Full Body Work Story

Maybe your car has had a monstrous blow to the body. Don’t worry, all is not lost. We can bring it back to life and we don’t need Doctor Frankenstein to do it. Our own master technicians and restoration experts can turn a horror story into one with a happy, literally wholesome ending – getting your whole car back again looking like nothing ever happened.

One of the critical parts of our work is preparation of the vehicle’s body so our custom paint specialists can do their work. The very first thing we do is provide an accurate estimate that takes so much into account it’s like an accountant prepared it. Think of it as a “River North Collision Repair “Bestimate”, which means the best price possible with no extra charge for the best people and highest quality parts included. Plus paint perfection, of course.

Our Total Restoration Process

  • (Sorry, no parents are allowed in the operation room.) We disassemble your car or at least the parts that are affected and ailing. These parts are examined by our good doctors and put safely aside
  • Our Chicago auto body repair services automatically examines the frame to determine the full extent of damage and repair needed for precisely correct body panel fit
  • And then (the wind howls) and we meticulously and manually remove your vehicle’s paint (don’t worry it’s painless) with a special paint removal tool few other shops have
  • Rust is eliminated and dents are completely removed
  • We apply two primers to prepare the car for painting – a single coat of a self-etching primer and multiple coats of an epoxy primer primarily used to fill in dents, deep scratches or cracks
  • Your vehicle is “finished” (except there’s more to do)
  • Panels are put back and perfectly adjusted to fit like a glove, though it’s a panel 
  • We examine  every inch of your vehicle inside out and out and if it meets our rigorous, sometimes ridiculously high standards it’s sent on to our paint department
  • Our painters are very highly trained and super-experienced. They realize that customer happiness with how good the paint looks is in their hands so they take time to do it right and they take care.  How else can we assure and warranty your happy ending and a wonderful “Oooooooo” from you.

Auto Dent Repair and Removal at River North Collision Repair

You get more un-bang for your buck at River North Collision Repair in Chicago.  Our expert technicians have a real facility (pun intended) for repairing major dents or minor damage and mere cosmetic issues.  With years of experience, a commitment to speedy, quality service and our convenient location at 356 W. Superior in Chicago,  we’re the ideal shop for one-stop, leave -happy dent repair and removal.

How do our technician’s do it? Sometimes it’s necessary to reach the underside of the dent to get it out. If the metal has been stretched of pushed in, our trained technicians use special tools to pull the crushed area out until it’s even with the rest of the car’s surface. Then we get busy smoothing and buffing the surface to get it ready for painting.

Painting that Restores that Gorgeous Factory Look

Whether you get hit with a full body swing or a dent or a ding, or the scratches come in batches,  one of the most important aspects of our job is painting. Don’t worry if dent removal might affect your beautiful factory-painted exterior. You are assured of paint restoration to your complete satisfaction because our technicians use a computerized paint match system to restore the paint so you’d never know the dent was ever there and your vehicle still gets whistles. Beautiful.

Get the Best Bumper Repair Here

People back up into you parking on the street. Or maybe you didn’t notice the low concrete post behind you. It doesn’t matter; virtually all of us have suffered through the bumper bumps of life.  Your front or rear bumper is usually the first part of the car to get wacked, which is what bumpers were designed for in the first place –to absorb impact, keep you safe and prevent damage to the body of the car. Did you know that most bumpers are made of incredibly tough plastic? Did you know that a great percentage of bumpers that are damaged don’t need to be replaced?  At River North Collision Repair on West Superior in Chicago, we’re delighted to give you good news like that, then get to work using our advanced tools and technology to get that bumper back in business. It doesn’t matter what sad shape your bumper is in—scratched, scuffed, dented, cracked, punched, punctured, just plain hanging off – we will win the bumper blues and get it looking beautiful again.

Does our Car Repair Shop Fix Hail Damage? Hail Yes!

“Hail the size of golf balls, moth balls, marbles, meat balls” (yuk). Whatever the size of those falling, frozen invaders from space, damage from hail can be devastating to your car, truck or SUV. Will the service pros at River North jump right to it and use their expertise to erase all trace of damage as fast as possible? Hail yes!  Instead of dents and dimples, your car’s complexion will be smooth and beautiful again and isn’t your car worth it worth it? Bring your hail-battered vehicle into River North Collision Repair .

cracked windshieldChicago Auto Glass Repair & Full Replacement

At River North Collision we take care with windshield crack repair because we know that small chips and pits can turn into something that looks like a spider web made by a tarantula. Cracks gone wild can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle and the safety of everyone else in the vehicle.  

Windshield Repair takes River North Care

River North Collision Repair uses a scientifically formulated resin that is optically and optimally balanced to fill the break. This process bonds the glass together again and restores your windshield’s strength and structural integrity. It’s not just strength however; the appearance of the crack is likely to be improved.  Most of the time, you’re good to ride off into the sunset looking fine and feeling safe within a half hour.

River North Windshield Replacement …

Sometimes the damage is just too great to repair and you need to consider a full windshield replacement. Why should you choose River North Collision Repair for full replacement? Because our service and prices are irreplaceable!