At River North Collision Repair, we know what you want…

An accident can dent more than your vehicle: it can wreck your day, whole week or more. If everyone’s safe, you want immediate answers: “What shop can I bring it to right now?” “Who can I rely on to fix it well, fast, reliably, honestly?”? And, big time—“Who will fix it so it doesn’t put a huge dent in my wallet?”  You want a shop you can trust that won’t take advantage of your lack of expertise. Few people know how much it costs to repair a car bumper, on average.  How about a cracked windshield?  Or a deep paint scratch?

You may know , but odds are you don’t and that won’t matter if your get your car—towed, driven or pulled by sled dog to River North Collision Repair at 356 West Superior in Chicago. We’re the best decision after a collision for many reasons, but perhaps the most important reason is because we are a shop known and trusted for its integrity. Our estimate and pricing are as trustworthy as: the wind in Chicago, the snow in Minneapolis and the sunshine in Miami.

Please check out the rest of our website to learn the startling truth about us, our natural evolution, and our proud River North Car Wash ancestry.  Don’t miss our stellar auto body services and customer conveniences like accepting all insurances and having a rental car waiting for you if you want when you pick up your car.  For these and many other reasons, contact us the next time someone runs into you by accident or you accidentally run into a new friend. It will be our pleasure to serve.  


Reasons To Call River North Collision First

  • Our experienced, 26-year body of work –from car washes to undoing car body punches
  • Honesty, integrity, reliability
  • Reasonable/affordable pricing
  • Certified technicians
  • All makes and models repaired and restored
  • Car painting like Michael Angelo (descendant of Michelangelo)
  • Full warranty
  • Fast 24-hour towing. Call and we’re on the way to pick up your car and pick you up too
  • Delivery ASAHP (As Soon AS Humanly Possible)
  • Rental cars ready to roll
  • All insurances accepted (in fact, call your insurance company, get a claim #
    and we’ll take it from there)
  • All credit cards accepted

River North’s Neighborly Service Team

We’re enormously proud of our team of collision repair estimators and technicians. They are top pros who are highly trained, efficient and personable. Their goal is to treat you like a neighbor, because there’s an excellent chance you are. Of course, we like to think our neighborhood goes beyond our downtown location of 356 W. Superior and includes all of Chicagoland.

We Take the Pain Out of Painting

What good is pulling and smoothing a dent out if your paint doesn’t cut the mustard, or crisp, candy-apple red, or deep sea blue? That’s why we specialize in car painting that could be in the Art Institute (okay, maybe parked outside). Our experts use a computer-controlled matching system that never fails to provide the perfect paint restoration and original factory look you love.


So if you need body work now, or the next time you bump into a problem, don’t wait a second—call 312 403 6000. We’re the best decision after a collision.